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About NetTeam Solutions

NetTeam Solutions is a company that provides flexible modern friendly IT solutions fitted to the needs of our customers. They are built for companies who appreciate the easy access to business information and seeking mechanisms to automate common business processes.

Services provided by NetTeam Solutions rely primarily on supporting clients in the safe and effective implementation of our products and applications. They are both products of the line NetTeam Solutions and dedicated solutions based on the platform NetTeam.

The team managers, analysts and developers NetTeam has several years experience in developing IT solutions, which efficiently help our customers solve their problems.

Carrywater Group

Our history

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We carry out projects adding all diligence.

problem Problem to solve
analiza Analysis and settings
realizacja Project implementation
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Customer satisfaction and savings

Completed projects

Fields of our activities

Customer support

We help streamline business processes, will replace the existing technology systems and IT tools.

Project management

We run IT projects being in constant contact with the customer.

IT analyst

We conduct extensive analysis of the problems and issues related to the daily work of companies. We create solutions.

Advisory & Consulting

We support our clients with our knowledge in the field of IT services, we offer consulting services.


On request, we conduct audits or represent them before the auditor.

Agile / SCRUM

We use agile techniques in managing projects. We adapt to customer needs in this area.


Our team of administrators ensures 24/7 security and continuity of the work of our solutions.


We are programming mostly in PHP. We use design patterns and like to learn.


We use both relational and not relational databases. We have partnered with companies that offer BI solutions.

Symfony 3

Our code is based mainly on Symfony framework.


We create websites in new technologies using the latest techniques and tools.

Doctrine ORM

When appropriate we support the operation of our systems right tools.


We create mobile applications for the Android operating system.

Continuous integration

We develop our software using the methods of continuous integration.


Our code stored in the GIT repositories.

Responsive Layout

We create scalable websites on mobile devices.

and more...

We are testing regularly the code created by our IT. We use unit tests, functional, and behavioral. In addition, we perform security tests and load in production environments and test environments of our clients.
Whenever it's possible our developers are programming in pairs. With this technique, we make fewer mistakes while increasing commitment of a team working on the project.
The code before approving the repository should have adequate Code Review. This technique reduces the number of bugs and improve code quality.

We are close to the customer

After each completed project, we try to get feedback from the customer, about his experience with running the project and gain.

Our customers are satisfied with working with us ...

We have customers in Poland as well as in several other European countries.

Meet our Team

  • Marcin NTS Marcin Lau CEO in NTS S.A.

    He works with NTS since 2004. He has extensive experience in implementing projects. Since 2008, the analyst and project manager in projects implemented by NetTeam Solutions. Since 2016 CEO in NTS SA. A graduate of Computer Science at the Technical University of Wroclaw.

  • Maciek NTS Maciek Project Manager

    Graduate of Management at Wroclaw University of Economics. He has many years of experience in managing IT projects. He works in NetTeam Solutions since July 2017. He plays floorball and is interested in sport.

  • Patrycja Patrycja Assistant

    Patrycja is bound to the Carrywater since years. Our company deals with office support, and financial and HR matters. Her work supports the work of the Board. Privately she loves mountains and travels and in her spare time is running out on nature excursions.

  • Monika NTS Monika Administrator

    Network and Systems Administrator of Linux. She studied at the Wroclaw University of Technology Faculty of Electronics and Computer Physics at the University of Wroclaw. The winner of the contest MC2 and ESI internship program. The speaker at conferences telecommunications. She specializes in Linux system management, computer networks, Microsoft Azure platform, but also in the free space propagation model. In free time, she is a latino style dancer. She liked herself in Bachata Sensual with elements of Zouk.

  • Wiesław NTS Wiesław Administrator

    Network and Systems Administrator. Graduate Electrotechnic at Wroclaw Univeristy of Science and Tecnology and Computer engineering at Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra. He is very experienced in work on similar position in different companies. He is working for not so long in NetTeam Solutions.

  • Bartek NTS Bartek Administrator

    Network Administrator and Linux Systems. Graduate of Computer Science at Wroclaw University. He has many years of experience in this position in various companies. For NetTeam Solutions has been working for several years now. He is also a consultant on systems administration and security.

  • Jacek NTS Jacek Developer

    NetTeam Solutions operates in more than 15 years. He graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology with a specialization in Software Engineering. His adventure with programming started from the 8-bit computers and still has a great fondness for the retro computers.

  • Maciek NTS Maciek Developer

    Developer and main System Architect. He graduated an Informatics at Silesian University of Technology. His knowledge and skills allow him to participate in even the largest projects we realize. Every day he goes to work on his bike. He dance Bachata and Ballroom Dancing too.

  • Paweł NTS Paweł Developer

    A graduate of Computer Science at the Technical University of Wroclaw. Gains experience in our organization being with us for another year. Programming in PHP and in several other programming languages and infects all new technologies.

  • Przemek NTS Przemek Developer

    Young, but experienced programmer. He studies at the College of Informatics and Management "Copernicus" in the field of Computer Science. The author of the application for vehicle tracking and recognition using Python and OpenCV library. He also won the title of Best Computer Technology Student in Lower Silesia. Hobbyist photographer and dancer Bachata Sensual and Kizomba.

  • Łukasz NTS Łukasz Developer

    Student of Computer Science at the Wroclaw University of Technology. He is responsible for programming in PHP language. In free time, he works on his guitar play skills.

  • Hubert NTS Hubert Developer

    Developer, mostly in systems like ProcessMaker BPM and SuiteCRM. Graduate Automatic and Robotics at Electronic faculty at University of Science and Technology. In private life, happy husband and father, Volvo fan, keeping up with newest info about chicken farming.

  • Anatol NTS Anatol Developer

    Developer, he manage his own company, which is specialized in creating and developing innovative programing solutions. In free time – Lindy Hop dancer. He loves jazz music and African drums play, which he is playing for almost 25 years.

  • Łukasz NTS Piotr Developer

    Programmer with passionately. He's programming mainly in PHP language. Graduated of the Wrocław University of Technology in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electronics. He's interested in software development in PHP and Java language as well as formula 1 and football.

  • Łukasz NTS Andrzej Developer

    A graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology in the field of Inforamtyka of the Electronics Department, a current student of the second degree in Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science and Management. In free time, he is passionate about software engineering. Between work and home, he will be immersed in the nearby lakes. A passion diver and a first aid lifeguard.

  • Kacper NTS Kacper Front-Developer

    Young Front-Developer. He gains experience in our company. He complements our team with his graphic skills, creating layouts and website styles. His passion is to compose music, for which he devotes most of his free time.

  • Piotr NTS Piotr Software tester

    Mechatronics student at the Mechancial Faculty of the Wrocław University of Technology and Science. Software tester with two yaers of experience. Keen tourist and petrolhead. Whenever he can he drives his car around the world.

  • Amadeusz NTS Amadeusz Android Developer

    Amadeusz is studying Computer Science at the Wrocław University of Technology. He is creating mobile applications for Android for two years (has finished two large projects). He starts his adventure with the NTS since June 2016.

  • Sebastian NTS Sebastian Administrator, Consultant

    Network Administrator, Linux System and Information Systems Architect. He studied Telecommunications at Wroclaw University of Technology. Administrator with over ten years of experience. Specialist of Linux, Security, and Microsoft Azure Platform. Our company has been cooperating for several years and is a leading consultant on network administration and network administration.

  • Marcin NTS Marcin Developer, Consultant

    He graduated from the Wrocław University of Technology with a degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Electronics. In organization since 2005. PHP, javascript and database programmer. He has extensive knowledge of IT systems both developed by NetTeam Solutions and available on the market. It is characterized by incredible creativity in the proposed solutions.

  • Dawid NTS Dawid Android Developer

    Dawid is an experienced developer of Java and the Android operating system. During his career, he participated in several projects related to mobile devices. Once worked for one of the companies belonging to Carrywater Group. Currently, he helps us to realize projects for mobile devices.

  • Dawid NTS You Your position

    You can also become a member of our team, you just need to meet the criteria of the candidate we are looking for and contact us about cooperation with us. Details below

Developers wanted!

The NetTeam company constantly looking for ambitious employees. If you want to try your hand at us, write us today.

Location: Wroclaw - Department: Development Team

Flexible working time Ability to work remotely

IT technologies student job. We are looking for programmers with knowledge of PHP Symfony framework 3. The work involves the development of tools with a family NetTeam and participation in new projects.

Location: Wroclaw - Department: Development Team

Working full-time

We are looking for Developer with excellent knowledge of Symfony framework 3. Job for university graduates majoring Computer Science . The work involves the development of tools with a family NetTeam and participation in new projects. Requires knowledge of design patterns and SQL.

Location: Wroclaw - Department: Development Team

Flexible working time

Job for people with skills in preparation Web application front. Requires excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and appropriate tools. Knowledge of Angular JS. The work involves the development of tools with a family NetTeam and participation in new projects.

Stay in touch

Contact with us

We are based in Wroclaw

Our office is on the Legnicka street in Wroclaw. It is just 15 minutes walk from the center of our city.

Office address

  • Address: Legnicka 46a/11 (II floor), 53-674 Wroclaw, Poland
  • Phone: We do not use landline phones ;)
  • E-mail: contact@netteam.pl

Working hours

  • Monday - Friday 9 to 17
  • Saturday - phone in case of emergency
  • Sunday - relax
  • Phone HOT-LINE - 24/7